Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my website. It's an honor to serve you as an At Large City Council member, and I hope you can find information here that is helpful. Please always feel free to contact my City Council office at 832-393-3014 if we can ever be of assistance.

I chair the Budget and Finance Committee on Council. These are difficult and challenging times for all of us, and I am working hard on Council to try to help the City of Houston live within its means without hurting essential city services or the things that make a great city like parks and green space for a quality of life we can all enjoy. That's a tough job right now, but I'm trying to lead by example and we have cut the budget within my own office.

I believe that Rebuild Houston is critical to Houston's welfare; our crumbling infrastructure means if we don't act now we will have such enormous infrastructure problems that we'll be strapped for decades trying to repair our city, at an enormous burden to taxpayers. Rebuild Houston is fiscally prudent in a way that our city has never been before -- this is a pay as you go program, meaning no extra debt or borrowing on taxpayers' shoulders.

A transparent government is a better government. Toward that end, I've created a "Track The Money" page on my City Council website, where you can see exactly how your tax dollars are being spent as we rebuild our city. I urge you to check there frequently so that you, the citizen, know what your city government is doing with your Rebuild Houston dollars.

Thank you again for visiting and please do not hesitate to call if we can help you in any way. We'd like to hear your ideas and feedback too, so please stay in touch!


Radio Interview with Stephen Costello

Stephen Costello talks about saving money and keeping our city government honest with Rebuild Houston.

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